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Provide education for all without discrimination, fully unleash students' passion and potential for learning Chinese. 

Our History



Founded in 1993 by the prominent and veteran educator, Principal Ann Jong Juan, HAN Language Centre is one of the most established and trusted Chinese Language Learning school brand in Singapore.




With our unique study materials and dedicated teachers, HAN Language Centre grew from one centre to 15 centres in our 15th year,gaining recognition from parents and students alike island wide. The number of centres, quality of curriculum and teaching staffs continue to grow and strengthen.




After 24 years of empowering students to learn Chinese language, our very first kindergarten, HAN Junior, was founded on May 27th, 2017,bringing new life to HAN Language Centre as we parade into a new era of multi-cultural corporate group development. The inaugural Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award recipient, Principal Ann Jong Juan, lead HAN through tough times into confidence with the belief‘carry forward our philosophy and forge into the future confidently.