Adult & Culture

Adult Conversational Chinese Course
Adult & culture

The course provides learners with natural and authentic conversational scenarios to facilitate language acquisition, so that the learning process is fun. The content incorporates Chinese and world culture, as well as trending Chinese-related topics in our daily living, current affairs and entertainment scene. Not only is the content aligned to local context, it also introduces different Chinese terms used in different regions to learners. This open up new horizons for learners making their Chinese learning process much more engaging and interesting.

HAN Business Culture Course
Adult & Culture

The HAN Business Culture Course revolves around Chinese business culture and approaches the subject from four board areas - etiquette, activities, socializing and communication. This is to help learners understand the cultural aspects of businesses targeted at China. These include business language, the evolution and characteristics of Chinese business culture, as well as different Chinese business terms used in different regions of the world. Every lesson has a "Chinese Business Culture Tips" component to help learners acquire soft skills involving relationships, communication, business strategies in Chinese culture. Learners will improve their language proficiency and enjoy a rich cultural experience.