Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express our gratitude and satisfaction that our daughter managed to do well in Chinese during 2013 PSLE. She came to your centre with a fail or just pass grade for Chinese and her grasp of Chinese was very poor. Although she had a private tutor, as parents we felt that she required more classes and to improve spoken Chinese skills. We looked around during June 2012 holidays and found Han Language the perfect kit. Khatib centre’s Serene was very helpful and informative on the schedule and syllabus. We signed up 2 classes ( Enrichment and Composition) after the June 2012 holidays. Kudos to the Centre’s teacher (Mdm Xie) who helped her to brush up and made Chinese fun for her to excel. She eventually scored A for her Chinese PSLE and this really says a lot on the teaching method to achieve the desired result.

Yours sincerely,
Stanley and Christine (parents of Lee Kelli-Ann)

Stanley and Christine (parents of Lee Kelli-Ann)